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    Windows ME

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    January 30, 2022

  • "Fast navigator with the best system of tabs that exists"

Lively Browser gives you the practicality and comfort you need to surf the net thanks mainly to its system of tabs that places several pages of the same web in a single column. The speed is maximum when opening online portals of any kind, which are stored in the history and can even be downloaded to access them offline.

What stands out most about Lively Browser are the tabs that are extremely practical especially for those users who usually access different sections of the same website. In this way the interface will not be filled with tabs, but will accumulate under one of them if they belong to a particular web page, while opening tabs of different portals the system is identical to other browsers.

Lively Browser allows you to save the websites you like best in the bookmarks module it integrates. In addition, all those you access are accessible through the easy-to-use history.

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